Example Company – Neurospa

Cryder Marketing has partnered with NeuroSpa to allow you a 14 day trial on an amazing worldwide patented sleep technology.

Sleep better – Feel better.

This is a risk-free offer. NeuroSpa will ship the product to your home and within 1 week will follow up on how you are doing.

Benefits of Neurospa’s Advanced Sleep Technology

NST Technology brings Acoustic Oscillations (AO) into the comfort of your bedroom. NeuroSpa’s total mind and body relaxation treatment, AO technology is now available in the NST under-mattress device that provides the deepest, most restorative sleep imaginable.

No Commitment Necessary

Let the products speak for themselves. After 7 days, a team member will follow up on your experience with our most advanced sleep technology. If you feel like Neurospa is perfect for you, we can discuss financing options. If you have decided it is not the perfect match, we will pay for you to ship it back to us.

Commercial Leasing and 1-Year Interest-Free Financing