Corporate Wellness – Neurospa


For years, companies were trying to bring wellness into work with fitness machines and massage therapists but these weren’t wide spread and cost thousands of dollars to implement. NeuroSpa® can help bring a team member “Well to the Workplace” by getting each valued employee a better nights rest. Many other benefits derive from better sleep such as reduced stress, anxiety, and a clear mind to tackle the day. By partnering with NeuroSpa®, we let you and your team try out our Advanced Sleep Technology risk-free for 14 days.

A calm body and a calm brain, more and better sleep, and increased blood circulation all help sweep stress and anxiety out and bring healthy relaxation in. NeuroSpa® is designed to awaken your mental and physical well-being through meditation, puts you in a focused and energetic state to start your day. Enhanced concentration, clarity, and performance are the result.

Benefits of NeuroSpa®'s Advanced Sleep

NST technology brings Acoustic Oscillation (AO) into the comfort of your bedroom. NeuroSpa®'s total mind and body relaxation treatment, AO technology is now available in the NST under-mattress device that provides the deepest, most restorative sleep imaginable.

No Commitment Necessary

Commercial leasing and 1-year interest-free financing available.