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NeuroSpa® is the worldwide leader in Acoustic Oscillations patented technology that combines zero-gravity posture, neuro-muscular stimulation, light therapy and music therapy to induce total relaxation, which calms a patient’s mind and body.

We offer a wide variety of products for residential use, corporate wellness, and industry specific including spas, hotels and health centers.

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There is really no shortcut to wellness - mind, body and spirit are difficult to achieve in today’s lifestyle of immediacy, stress and anxiety. True overall wellness stems from a calm, conscious mind free of stress and a healthy, rested body free of pain and tension. Total wellness is defined by physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental well-being. A Neurospa system engages each of those touchpoints providing a lifetime of wellness therapy for your mind, body and spirit.

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think of NeuroSpa®...

  • I originally got introduced to NeuroSpa by a friend of mine. I had told him that my wife was experiencing severe headaches and wondered if it might help her. He let me borrow it for a few days and in less than 3 days the migraines were history. My wife quit using the NeuroSpa after her headaches were gone and they came back. Its an amazing technology that has helped me sleep better each time I use it after a stressful day. Great technology! Mike Andrade - Olathe, KS.

  • I have always had difficulty sleeping, especially reaching a deep sleep state for any extended period of time. My mind races which keeps me from relaxing and sleeping properly. I’ve tried all kinds of sleeping aids through the years, but they provided little help. I tried Neurospa and it changed my life. After a 30-minute session right before bed, my total relaxation (body and mind) allows me the easiest and best sleep of my life. Quality sleep has given me a quality life, night and day. Doug Bruce - Columbus, OH

  • Chronic neck pain caused by tension and stress has always been a pain in my neck. Massages provide short-term relief but who has the time and money for daily massages. After an online search for solutions, I read an article about Neurospa and how it works to combat the regular, reoccurring pain. What I have learned since is that a 15-30 minute session a day, removes the stress and releases the tension, which relieves the pain in my body. Amazing. Thank you Neurospa. John Solberg - Santa Barbara, CA

  • Several cups of coffee, a Red Bull and maybe an energy bar, all before noon were needed to keep me fueled. It didn’t work very well. A hotel I was staying in had a Neurospa and I’m always game to try new technology. I set it on “energizer” mode for 30-minutes and the rest is history. I was not only energized, but also focused throughout the day. I now have one at home, and let’s just say my caffeine intake is way down. Larry Farnsworth - Washington, DC


By selecting various modes, stimuli and session length, Neurospa is designed to help you optimize your life by concentrating on all touchpoints of your physical and mental wellness:

Neutralized stress and anxiety

Healthy relaxation is the major combatant of stress and anxiety. A calm body and a calm brain, more and better sleep, and increased blood circulation all help sweep stress and anxiety out and bring healthy relaxation in. Even in short (15-30 minute) sessions, Neurospa fights these daily demons of many.

Improved sleep and reduced fatigue

Less stress leads to improved sleep which translates to less fatigue. A 30-minute destress session at the end of your day relieves the body and clears the mind. Totally relaxed, great sleep is on the way, and we all know how important sleep is to healthy living.


A 30-minute session designed to awaken your mental and physical well-being through meditation, puts you in a focused and energetic state to start your day. Enhanced concentration, clarity and performance are the result.


We directly stimulate your nervous system with a symphony of pleasant and soothing sensations synchronized with enchanting music. World-patented technology combines Acoustic Oscillation frequencies, as well as music to eliminate stress and blockages in your body. You will live a moment of total escape designed for meditation and deep relaxation.

Durable sense of well-being

Achieve a durable positive state of mind enabling you to function energetically, effectively and efficiently on a daily basis. Individuals who have good mental and physical health are well-adjusted, able to relate well to others, and basically feel satisfied with themselves and their role in society. Neurospa is a pleasant experience that helps you find comfort and provides a feeling of lasting well-being.


Stimulated blood circulation helps maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, allowing your lungs, heart and muscles to function properly and efficiently. It also helps fight off and avoid potential diseases and sicknesses and keeps your organs in their best working order.


Regulating, or lowering blood pressure reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems — such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and cardiovascular death — by 25%.

Relief from Chronic Neck & Back Pain

After selecting your massage mode, physical sensations produced by the NeuroSpa gently stimulate you from head to toe. After a short time, the acoustic frequencies travel through each part of your body and neutralize the resistances by gradually eliminating the tensions caused by stress, and the resulting pain. The gentle sensations fill your body with revitalizing energy leaving you in a state of fullness and serenity.


Physical sensations that stimulate you from head to toe help reduce inflammation, especially in joints that are the root of most arthritic pain. Through relieving tension and stress, physical and mental, arthritic pain is more manageable. Stress is often a trigger for arthritic pain, and relaxation and meditation quiet the stress, calming the brain and reducing inflammation in the body.